The Intruder

Short movie, 2018


Who is the intruder? Is it she who arrives unexpectedly and finds her beloved with another woman? Is it her tempting rival? Or the dishonest man? Or maybe it is Odissi, this thousand-year-old Indian dance which mysteriously survived to the present day, and whose anachronistic grace is looking for a place in the digital age?

The Intruder is a love story told with a 2000-year-old Indian dance, 18th century Indian painting and 21st century animation technology.

About this project

Odissi dance is a 2000-year old Indian dance and theater form. It is very elegant and has the powerful ability to tell the stories of the Hindu gods.

As an Odissi dancer in France, Mahina Khanum often faces a challenge. People there have never heard about Odissi dance, and when they get a chance to see it, they just don’t understand it.

What if we could show more? Avishai Leger-Tanger and Mahina Khanum decided to capture the 2000-year old Odissi dance and to mix it with a beautiful 18th century Indian painting, using 21st century technology.

And the result is this short film revealing what unfolds inside an Odissi dancer’s imagination.

Making of The Intruder


  • Concept : Avishai Leger-Tanger

Avishai Leger-Tanger is a digital artist whose work is inspired by the classical arts of India. His creations in collaboration with the renowned Indian classical Odissi dancer Mahina Khanum made the headlines in India and beyond.