Holographic Performance

Work in progress, arts residency in Micadanses (Paris)


This project is a poetic dialogue between a thousand-year-old dance and the arts and techniques of the digital age.

Alone on an empty stage, the devadasi (sacred dancer) mimes the deeds of the gods, embodying all the characters at once and drawing the scenery by the sole suggestive power of her movements. This is how the ideal dance recital should be according to the Natya Shastra, a treaty on dance-theater from the beginning of our era that continues to shape the aesthetics of present-day Indian classical dance. Twenty centuries later, however, the complex aesthetic codes of the Natya Shastra are fading, leaving choreographies deprived of their meaning.

Twenty Centuries and Dust sets out to reveal the abundant imagination that arises behind each move of Odissi dance. Around the solo performer, a fantastic world takes shape in holograms and comes to life as she moves. This stage set made of light is a tribute to the poetry an to the spiritual origins of Odissi dance.

About this project

Odissi dance is a 2000-year old Indian dance and theater form. It is very elegant and has the powerful ability to tell the stories of the Hindu gods.

As an Odissi dancer in France, Mahina Khanum often faces a challenge. People there have never heard about Odissi dance, and when they get a chance to see it, they just don’t understand it.

What if we could show more? Avishai Leger-Tanger and Mahina Khanum decided to capture the 2000-year old Odissi dance and to mix it with a beautiful 18th century Indian painting, using 21st century technology.

And the result is this short film revealing what unfolds inside an Odissi dancer’s imagination.


  • Concept : Avishai Leger-Tanger

Avishai Leger-Tanger is a digital artist whose work is inspired by the classical arts of India. His creations in collaboration with the renowned Indian classical Odissi dancer Mahina Khanum made the headlines in India and beyond.