Stay Safe

Short movie, 2020

Sold as an NFT in favor of UNICEF to support COVID-19 vaccination in India (details here)


This video has scored hundreds of thousands of views, shares and likes across the world. It was also covered by many media and was broadcasted on India’s official TV channels.

In Indian classical dance, one is supposed to make “gestures toward” the audience (“abhinaya” in Sanskrit). But in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the best gesture one could make toward the Other is “barrier gestures”. These are simple yet vital steps we should take to stop spreading the virus and save lives. Let’s spread the word about the “barrier gestures”! Stay safe!


  • Concept: Mahina Khanum & Avishai Leger-Tanger
  • Choreography: Mahina Khanum
  • Video: Avishai Leger-Tanger
  • Original music: © Association Lezarts Media / Mahina Khanum, Vijay Tambe (composition & flute), Ramprasad Gannavarapu (mardala), Aparna Deodhar (sitar)
  • Location: our sweet confined home!


Avishai Leger-Tanger is a digital artist whose work is inspired by the classical arts of India. His creations in collaboration with the renowned Indian classical Odissi dancer Mahina Khanum made the headlines in India and beyond.